Marriage Conference

Join us this February as we discover The Process of Becoming One. Come and learn how growing and maturing in our walk with Christ touches our relationships.

Hosts: Elvyre and Walter Bright

Special Guest Speakers: Ron Deborah Freise

Venue: Tehama Assembly of God.

Date: February 1, 2

Time: Friday at 6pm/ Saturday at 10 am

A special Sunday Worship Service at 10:30


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God created us in His image. We were created Spirit, Soul and Body. Within our Soul we have our mind, will, and Emotions. He gave us the gift of feeling. But feelings are fickle, and deceitful. One minute you’re happy, the next you are sad. At best, they are only indicators of what’s going on in our lives. We were not designed to live or depend on them This last installment in this series is to help us discover how to handle our feelings before they handle us.

This Sunday

We are in a series we’ve entitled “Beautiful Attitude.” It’s a series based on the Beatitudes in the book of Matthew chapter 5. This Sunday we are talking about the first of 8 Kingdom phrases.

Blessed are the poor in spirit for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Those who are poor in spirit are rewarded greatly. They receive the Kingdom of heaven. Because poverty of spirit is the absolute prerequisite for receiving the kingdom of heaven. We must all recognize that we are spiritually bankrupt and in desperate need of a savior.

Join us this Sunday 10:30 AM
On the corner of D & 3rd Streets
In Tehama CA 96090

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