Leadership Refuel

This Summer we want to take our congregation through these three books:
1./ In Sticky Church, author and pastor Larry Osborne makes the case that closing the back door of your church is even more important than opening the front door wider.
2./ In Sticky Teams, with warm encouragement and penetrating insights Larry Osborne shares secrets to building and maintain a healthy and unified ministry team that sticks together for the long haul.
3./ In tribal Church the author says the following: “God’s biggest assignments have always been entrusted to those leading a small tribe. From the twelve families of Israel to early Christians who met in one another’s homes, great leaders begin by serving a core group of people who ripple outward for ever-extending social and spiritual impact. They go big by leading small.”

This summer is going to be awesome! Join a small discussion based on these books. Kickoff for Summer Books is June 15th

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