Our Pastor

Walter Bright is the Lead Pastor of TAG Church in Northern California. TAG Church, the oldest AG Church in Northern California, the oldest house of worship in the USA, has led thousands to the Lord Jesus Christ through many years of dynamic ministry.

Walter is a gifted communicator and teacher, passionate about the local church and resolved to honor God supremely in life and ministry. God has given him the passion to lead people to Jesus, and help them grow into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

He has worked as a missionary in cross cultural settings – planting churches, discipleship training and pastoral care. He has also hosted several programs as a Christian Radio Show Host. As a song writer, Walter’s songs were recorded on his wife’s Gospel Album – First Love.

Walter, his wife and two daughters, Elter, and Hodiah, live in Tehama, CA

You can find Walter at:

Blog: walterbright.org

Twitter: @Waltbright

Facebook: Walter Bright

Instagram: wmhbright


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